Gala Competition - What you need to know

Our swimmers will be encouraged to take part in many competitions during their time at the club. These can take the form of internal galas such as the club championships and also external galas where the swimmers can compete as individuals and as part of a team.

As a competitive swimming club we expect all swimmers to be interested in taking part in competitions and be available for selection at club events. The links below will explain the difference between Internal and External galas and some of the things you may come across:

Irrespective of the nature of the gala there are certain things you need to be aware of.

What kit is required?

When attending a gala the swimmer needs to be prepared and ready to compete. It's the responsibility of the swimmer to ensure they are ready to compete and we put the emphasis on the swimmer to take ownership of their own pre-gala preparations, this is a vital part in the learning process of the swimmer. You should be prepared for all eventualities, so make sure you have spares of everything as there is nothing worse than snapping goggles or tearing a swim hat just before a race. Suggested kit would be:
  • Club Swim hat (and Spare)
  • Goggles (and a spare pair)
  • Club T-shirt
  • Competition Costume
  • Warm-Up Costume (if wearing a race suit)
  • 2x Towels

Don't forget to refuel?

Gala's can be long events and as all good athletes know the key to performing at your best is ensuring your body is fueled with the right things. Whenever you attend a gala make sure you bring adequate food and drink to keep yourself going for the duration of the competition.

Water is a key to all swimmers, not just to swim in but also to remain hydrated, so always bring a water bottle that can be replenished throughout the day.

Food should consist of something that is healthy and energy laden, this could be things like nuts, fruit, jelly, or a small amount of pasta. Food is your fuel so make sure you bring the right things, as the fastest way to a slow time is poor diet and food choices.

What about the parents?

Parental support is vital. Your swimmer wants you to be there to support them and see how far they have come on their swimming  journey.

Some key things to remember are:

  • Be Positive - Even if your swimmer has a poor gala, they need building up not knocking down.
  • Let the Coaches deliver the feedback - they will give your swimmer the information they need to know
  • Prepare for a long day - Depending on the event you could be there for a few hours or a few days. Venues are hot and your swimmer will be out of the water longer than they are in it so bring some creature comforts.